Friday, April 19, 2013

Momma Pigg

I am a mother.  However, it is another title that is just as important, for I am a MOMMA.  Momma Pigg to be exact.  How did I get that beloved name?  Read on.
About five years ago, I started a search for how to fill my empty nest once our son, Andy, left home to join the Navy.  Our daughter, Amanda, and son-in-law, Peter, have lived in Korea and Germany for several years now, which made another gap in our home. Many of you know me through Troy United Methodist Church for organizing “Treasure our Troops” at the holiday times for sending care boxes to those military members associated with our church.

"Mom Sandwich" Picture

Another "Mom Sandwich" Picture
But first, I was a Momma through Molly’s Adopt-a-Sailor.  I began writing letters to young men and women at our Navy boot camp, who were not receiving any mail from home.  My group of  12 Moms (isn’t 12 a familiar number?) had children leaving at regular intervals to join boot camp, and our hearts broke when we learned some of our finest were not receiving mail.  So we started letter campaigns.
As these young sailors then left on business trips, they wrote back to us about their shipmates who were not receiving any care packages, either.  Our hearts broke again.  And we started shipping love out once a month to groups we adopted through our networks.  Our first adoption was 250 people, and we worried we would not be able to stretch our group of then 50 Moms to cover them all with some love.  So, we asked our friends for help.  With God’s blessings, our mission to provide 250 international calling cards grew to 750 calling cards!  We knew our hearts were healing.

Throughout the past five years, we have sewn pillowcases, neck coolers and head wraps for troops.  We have sent warm scarves.  We have provided socks, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  We have sent peanut butter, nuts, beef jerky, and donated Girl Scout cookies and Boy Scout popcorn.  Our families have grown.  We have made emergency runs to the Dollar General Store with flat rate shipping boxes and address in hand to provide a birthday box to those whom we learned were ignored on their special days.  Our church has provided shipping money and gifts to keep our troops surrounded with love.
The emails and letters have been sporadic, but constantly I have been called Momma Pigg.  It is a name badge to wear with honor.  It is a testimony to the love of Christ that has blossomed to full bloom.  It has been on the lips of those whom have returned and needed to talk with someone about their newfound problems.  It has accompanied me to military funerals.  It is shared with our family without any jealousy. 
Momma.  What a sweet sound.  

Momma Pigg (a.k.a. Carol Pigg)

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