Friday, March 28, 2014

A Friend's Personal Storm

Tomorrow my friend is having surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on her colon. The stage of her cancer and future treatment is unknown until after the surgery. This friend is the most faith driven woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She lives and breathes for her God and as confusing as that is for me at times, it's something I've always admired about her.

She wrote this today and I wanted to share her words:  

"YIKES!!! Tomorrow at this time I will be heading into surgery! Not going to lie, I get a little scared when I think about it. But with that being said...My sister and I were talking the other day and I told her, that if something does happen and I don't win this fight, that I don't want anyone to be mad, angry, or upset. You see, I signed up for the army, Jesus's army. As a soldier of His, I must go through battles and circumstances just like my nephews have done and are doing in their service with the military for our country. When there are causalities of war or broken bodies, they are Heroes. They still believe in what they stand/fight for, and they would do it again. It is all for something greater. So, again if I become a casualty of this war, be proud, and know that I gave it my best and I am proud to serve in this army where Jesus is my Commander. He will use this for something greater. As you read in my daughter's post yesterday, I have been through some battles in my life and look at the good I have now.  I love you all soooooo much it makes my heart hurt. I will fight, and I will fight for you! I am strong...I am woman... a woman of God! Now, go make every MINUTE of your life count, be happy, hug more, kiss more, PUT down your PHONES and talk to your family and friends, look in their eyes and tell them you love them!! Thank you all again for being my "army" buddies and being here for me! My "coffee" cup runneth way over the top! Ha! Praise God!"

Wow!!! After reading this I went and sat on my deck crying and listening to the wind and talking with God and then it started to thunder...uhhh...not quite sure what to think about that, but one thing my friend has taught me is a little bit of thunder is nothing to be scared of.

If you're so inclined, please mail her a note of encouragement, a card, or anything to brighten her upcoming days.

500 Lincoln Avenue
East Alton, IL 62024

In her words "He brought me to it, He will bring me through it" ❤️

In support of my friend and colon cancer in general, I wore blue today and will continue to wear blue until my closet runs out.  Here's a picture that I snapped this morning (maybe the thunder was God telling me to put down my phone?) and sent to her just after the thunder incident.  She loved it and said she was laughing out loud.  She not only has a strong love for God, but an incredibly great sense of humor.  Just another reason why I love her!

By Jessica Dudley


  1. I love the quote, "He brought me to it, He'll bring me through it." Card is on the way to your friend. . .