Monday, April 29, 2013

A Mother's Prayer: Yes to the Big Ones

Non, Nein, Nyet.
I know how to say it in other languages, Lord,
why can’t I say it in English?

The teacher asked me to assist with computers
on the one afternoon I had reserved for myself.
I hear myself saying, “Yes, I’ll be there.”

The Bible Study Coordinator called and said
they were in a pinch. Could I teach this year?
Every week. 34 weeks. Sure. Why not?

The Brownie leader stopped by and introduced herself.
Any chance I could help at the meetings?
No problem,” I chirped. “I’d be happy to.”

Who wants to be in charge of soccer pictures?
I look around. No hands are raised.
It can’t take much time,” I thought. “I’ll do it.”

The Food Pantry called. They need volunteers.
You told us to feed the hungry, didn’t You?
Of course. I can do that. When do you need me?

But somewhere along the line, I learned to
say it, Lord. I heard myself saying “No.”
My daughter asked, “Can you read to me?”
No, not now. I’m working on my lesson.”

My son limped in from football practice. “How
about a back rub, Mom?”
Sorry, honey, I have to get to a meeting.”

My husband called home from work.
Can you meet me for lunch?”
Afraid not, dear. I have to work at the school.”

And You whispered in my ear, Lord, and
asked me to spend some time with You.
I can’t. I’m really busy,” I said. “How about next
week? Maybe I’ll be caught up by then.”
Yes and no. Little words. Big implications.
Give me the wisdom I need to say no to the
little things so I can say yes to the big ones.

And, yes, Lord, that means You.
In Whose Name, I Pray, Amen

Sue Busler

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