Friday, April 5, 2013

Lots of Snots (with Apologies to Dr. Suess)

I once spoke on the topic of women's friendships . . .the ups and the downs. I wrote the following to illustrate my message. Enjoy!

One peep,
Two peeps,
Lotta peeps,
Few peeps.

Black peep,
White peep,
Fat peep,
Light peep.

This one wears a shiny star.
This one drives an SP car.
Say! What a lot of peeps there are!

Some are sad,
And some are glad,
And some are very, very bad.

Why are they sad and glad and bad?
Started long ago!
Ask Heavenly Dad.

From there to here,
From here to there,
God’s girl peeps
Are everywhere.

We surely know,
Oh, yes, yes we do
It’s patently true.
God loves me and you.

We’re clearly blessed,
Our lives are quite fine.
So why as girl peeps
Do we hurt and malign?

Girl peeps may not steal.
Girl peeps may not kill.
But wound with a word
Oh yes, yes we will!

She thinks she looks hot.
She’s ugly and fat.
Her dress is too short.
She thinks she’s “all that.”

Her husband’s a slob.
Her kids look neglected.
Her house is atrocious.
Her speech needs corrected.

She thinks she’s the boss.
She’s got tats, she’s a smoker.
She drinks like a fish.
I wish I could choke her.

Peep one likes to smirk,
Peep two rolls her eyes.
Peep three stabs your back,
Peep four tells white lies.

Peep five, she is jealous .
Peep six steals the scene.
Peep seven talks about you.
Peep eight, she’s just mean.

Sound like us, oh not us.
We’re Christians, you see.
We’re kind and compassionate,
One day out of three.

She’s a flirt, she’s a loner.
She’s so poor, she’s so rich.
She’s a whiner, she’s a loser.
She’s a user, she’s a witch.

She eats way too much.
She eats like a bird.
She looks like a hooker.
She looks like a nerd.

We think nobody’s hurt,
When name call we do.
Not true, not true,
We hurt quite a few!

We victimize, we traumatize,
We marginalize, we judge,
We manipulate, we congregate,
We drag names through sludge.

Too blond, too made up,
Too fat, too thin.
Too loud, too shy,
She just doesn’t fit in.

We’re God’s dear peeps,
But we’re too often brats.
We prance in high heels.
We talk smack in flats.

We’ll cut you in loafers.
We’ll slander you in boots.
We’ll criticize in khakis
We’ll smear you in suits.

But why, do I ask?
Why do we disdain?
Our gal pals, our sisters,
It’s a sorry refrain.

We’re moms and daughters.
We’re aunts and we’re wives.
We’re neighbors and coaches.
We can touch lots of lives.

Let’s lift up through the night.
Encourage through the day.
Listen when we chat.
Affirm, support and pray.

Be an ally, be a friend,
Let’s mentor and mother,
Let’s heal each one’s hurts,
Let’s care for one another.

Let love be the guide,
For both you and me.
‘Cause God’s only Son,
Gave His life on a tree.

Yes, He died for us.
Our sins washed away.
Then raised back to life.
Holy Spirit to stay.

So knock off the hurts,
Peep one and peep two.
Act just like Jesus
In all that you do.

by Sue Busler

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