Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Paint It

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her . . .
                                                                           -Ephesians 5:25

The beginning of spring, a beautiful day, and the weekend- together these ingredients comprise the urgings of a home improvement project despite the grumblings of the hub.  This particular project called for bringing the outdoors (i.e. green, my favorite shade) inside via paint on the kitchen cabinets.  Now, I do enjoy hands-on projects especially when the means involves paint, spray paint that is . . .  
Yes, I thought to myself and aloud to the hub, let's speed the process up for this project and use spray paint on our cabinets (did I mention I like projects which don't require a great deal of time and work?).  Okay, we'll just skip over the hub's initial reaction, not an essential element of this telling.  What matters is that after some convincing, though, he was finally on board.  I think my justification of minimal work is what sold him this time around.

We prepped the area with painter's tape and cut a large piece of cardboard into manageable pieces to block paint spray from landing anywhere but on the surface in question, the cabinets (hey, this idea was a good one in theory, I thought).  For the drawers of the cabinets, we made use of manila folders which offered more flexibility for deflection of stray spray.
In lieu of tedious sanding, we opted for a chemical application of Easy Liquid Sander DeGlosser.  So far so good!
Thus, two fume-filled hours later, our kitchen rehab was complete. . .

Here the Big Guy is enjoying a sandwich to celebrate our success.
The good news is that the hub and I are still on speaking terms, I have the colorful kitchen of my dreams, and am actively seeking further pieces to paint. 
Folding metallic chairs in breast cancer awareness pink.
Now, I had better return to wiping all of the stray spray paint off of the floors, fridge, walls, drawers .
. .

Courtney Winkler


  1. Oh Court! You crack me up! Love your creativity!

  2. Oh Court! You crack me up! Love your creativity!

  3. Court-Good job woman! That looks awesome!