Monday, April 28, 2014

Save the State with Retakes

Sad to say, I am one of "those" women who hate pictures of herself, but I have gotten better over the years. About five years ago, my daughters pointed out that there was about a ten year gap in pictures of me, and they didn't like that. When I'm dead and gone, they want to be able to remember what I look like at each age, apparently. So, I have gotten much better about even requesting my picture being taken with one of them.

However, I just got my driver's license renewed on March 10th, and actually I have never minded my picture-until this year. For some reason, my hair looked blown up on the right side of my head, and I was looking down at something which clearly showed my multiple chins. I asked the guy right there and then to re-take it, and he said that is not policy. My birthday was March 13th, three days later, and I had to show my license at Target where I bought a box of wine. The lady looking at my driver's license said, "Wow, you have really lost weight since this picture!" I explained it was three days ago.

The next day I went to the DMV to get my picture re-taken and was willing to pay the $30. The lady behind the counter told me it was against policy. Really? I was willing to give them another $30. She said if they did it for me, every other woman would want a re-take of her picture. I said that would be great! This state is near bankruptcy, so why not?

My daughters told me that if I were ever in an accident where my wallet was not with my body, the authorities would never be able to identify me. I have lied about my height, weight and hair color for thirty years, and they have never questioned that!

By Pat Schwieder

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  1. Pat,
    Your idea is brilliant and would almost instantaneously release the state of Illinois from debt.