Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got Crayons?

It's a letter-writing, card-making, kid-drawing campaign.
Our MASH hospitals in Afghanistan, including the concussion unit, have a special request for our injured troopers in “the sandbox.”  They need your healthy happy kids to draw pictures, write short notes, or make cards.  These will be used to decorate their recovery areas before they are either shipped back to their working sites or sent to larger bases or home to recover.
Many troopers, sadly, may not hear from their families back home.  Sometimes because they are afraid of the unknown, sometimes because they are fortunate enough to recover quickly enough to be returned to work.  In either case, they need hand-drawn pictures on any kind of paper.  No glitter please as it can't be cleaned from surgical areas or recovery room floors.
Families can help, too.  Write fun, newsy letters about spring in Southwestern Illinois.  Write about planting a garden.  Write about the family pet.  Write about favorite meals you are cooking right now.  Write about opening up the BBQ for spring cooking.  Write about your favorite sports---for the kids and for major leagues.  Include a picture or two.  Make it fun.

These will go out April 20th.  Be sure and get your drawings and home news filled letters and notes to Carol Pigg.  Contact her at pamperedpig3@charter.net or (618) 972-9131 if you have any questions.
Got your crayons out yet? 

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