Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random Thought of the Day: Election Day

Today is Election Day!  I love Election Days, but really don’t like that in the primary election I have to choose to be a Democrat or a Republican. I’m such an Independent in more ways than one, but when it comes to politics I vote for the person and NOT their party affiliation.  Nonetheless, I still cast my ballot today, did you?
I recently received some JOY FM stickers in the mail, and I thought about placing one on the back of our truck, but I just couldn’t convince myself that placing it next to my law enforcement husband’s “Glock” sticker didn't totally scream out “I’m a gun-tote'n Christian Republican.”  I had major anxiety over the thought of being stereotyped like that even though I personally believe the stereotype is just plain silly and totally bogus.  In an effort not to box myself in and keep my independence, I suppose the JOY FM sticker will have to go on my car.
Signed:  Miss Independent (a.k.a. Jessica Dudley)

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