Thursday, March 13, 2014

Are Those Red Lines Ever Going to Go Away?

I scrubbed the bathrooms yesterday.  If you know me, you know this is quite the accomplishment.  Martha Stewart in terms of housecleaning I am not.  Yet, I am on spring break this week from teaching, so I thought, "Why not?"

Feeling a true accomplishment, I decided to make use of the sparkly tub last night.  Engulfed in bubbles, my youngest decided to come in and have a chat with me.  She was staring intently at my chest which was peeking through the foamy suds.  I knew a question was coming regarding my breast cancer, but I was not sure in which direction it would lead.  

She finally asked, "Are those red lines ever going to go away?"  The red lines she was referring to were the ropey scars which bisect each of my newly constructed breasts.  I answered honestly, "Probably not, but that's okay."  She asked (and not for the first time), "Why are they there?"  I told her this was where the doctor performed surgery on me to release the boo boos from my boobs.  My six-year-old thought about this for a moment and then said with a huge toothless front smile, "Remember when you had those tubes coming out of your body?"  I responded, "Ouch!  Yes, I remember those," and then continued to moan in exaggerated pain.  She giggled and giggled while discussing how I used to have to sleep only on my back while the tubes were in place.  Again, I groaned and whimpered in false distress, and her laughter grew louder.  She then asked the purpose of the tubes.  I told her it was to release the extra liquid (first I used "fluid" and then opted for "liquid") which had gathered during surgery.  This seemed to appease her for the time being, and she then ended with, "I am going to go downstairs and sing now."

This, of course, made me smile and caused me to give thanks to the Lord for my cherished children who fill my heart daily with such joy.

Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing
                                                                      -Psalm 100:2

 By Courtney Winkler

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