Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1st Step Learning Center Rocks

Little did I know four years ago after visiting a local park would a glimpse of a church sign in my peripheral vision change the lives of both my children and our family. The sign read, “1st Step Learning Center, Enrolling Now.” With a three-year-old and 1-yr-old in the backseat at the time, I hastily dug through the mess on my front seat to find a pen and paper in order to copy the number listed on the sign. When I returned home, I made the call and spoke (or rather quizzed) Kim McGrath, Director. When I heard weekly chapel, daily music, curriculum, physical education, Centers Room, progress reports, weekly newsletters, visits from the zoo, Rodeo Day, Grandparents Night, Parents Night, etc., I was more than sold; my daughter and (after a few phone calls) two of her friends were registered. My family and I feel blessed to have had our children experience this ministry of Troy United Methodist Church. In our case, though, we are “graduating” with not only an outstanding preschool experience, but also many new friends and a church we consider home. 

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