Thursday, May 2, 2013

Connect with Kim "Miss Kim" McGrath

RUBY: How long have you attended Troy United Methodist Church? 
About 9 yrs.

RUBY: What drew you to this church?
Everything they offered for children.

RUBY: Which service do you typically attend?
9am service, I LOVE the music it truly lifts me.

RUBY: Share a favorite Bible verse and/or inspirational song, and why this is a favorite.
Jeremiah 29:13 – you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all you heart.
And my FAVORITE song is a tie between Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord and Blessings by Laura Story.
I think because they all touch my heart so deeply. Especially Blessings because the words mean so much to me.

RUBY: Tell us about your involvement at Troy UMC and in the community.
I am the director for 1st Step Learning Center – (the preschool here at Troy UMC) and I volunteer with Harvest Ministries, Children Ministries and have joined the team of “Dessert Makers” for TGIW recently. I really just love to help out where I can and I love to cook and bake!

RUBY: I was sold on 1st Step Learning Center the first time I spoke with you on the phone. Tell us about 1st Step Learning Center and your involvement with it.
Well, when my daughter was 2, I heard about the preschool program through a friend. I called and put her on the wait list, and she was enrolled a few weeks later. At that time parents were required to volunteer once a month in the classroom. I loved it so much I volunteered as much as I could. I was approached by the director to be a substitute teacher and did that a couple of times. I was then asked if I would be interested in becoming a teacher and office assistant for the following school year. And I have been here ever since.

RUBY: If you could, what kind of business would you love to start? 
I always wanted to own a bakery. 
RUBY: Tell us about your family.
I have a husband – David, all I can say about him is he makes me laugh and is truly amazing. And God blessed us with a miracle in the form of a beautiful daughter – Abby. She is my everything, and I am extremely proud to be her mom. I am very lucky to have my extended family mostly in this area. My parents, sister, brother, and lots of niece and nephews and great nieces and nephews that live with in 10 minutes of us.
I would be wrong if I didn’t include my pets as part of my family. We have our “girls” Sophie, and Lola and our only boy Sheldon - our puppies and my bird Bailey and Abby’s cat Jumpers.

RUBY: How may we contact you in order to make a further connection? 
You can e-mail me at work or home or I am on Facebook as well.

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