Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Being a Military Mom

Being a Military Mom is a whole new world, even six years into it. It’s knowing that your young adult will not be able to share Christmas and Easter, birthdays, weddings or Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with you. It’s knowing that you no longer bake their birthday cake and watch them blow out the candles. It’s knowing that days turn into weeks turn into months without a hug from them. It’s knowing that “no news is good news” becomes your mantra when they are on deployment.
It’s also joy. Joy that your adult child picked a career to serve their country. It’s joy when you get four lines of an email while they are on deployment. It’s joy when you get the call “Mom, I’m on American ground again. The air smells so good. The sun on my back is wonderful.” It’s joy when a small package comes to your house sharing their love for you.
It’s a world of shared sisterhood of other Military Moms. It’s having them available immediately when one of us is having a bad day. It’s fun gabbing on the phone when the empty house seems so loud filled with nothing. It’s delightful when your hubby sends you away on Mother’s Day to be with other Moms to share in packing boxes for our young troopers we will never meet in person, but who become our “adopted children” for a month, and sometimes longer. It’s hugging anyone in a military uniform when you are in the airport or traveling. It’s sharing the pictures of our troopers in their new military homes, or with their new spouses, or with their new children. It’s a support group that is a gift from God. 

God Bless our Military Moms. Keep their families safe. Share a prayer with them and let them know you care.

By Carol Pigg/@carols_kitchen

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