Friday, May 2, 2014

Raising Girls Is Not for Wimps

Proverbs 22:6 Says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” As a mom of 3 girls, some days this task seems so daunting. I pray every day that God would give me the wisdom and strength to do this very thing.
As my girls get older, it seems like there are more and more things that I feel like I have to protect them from and educate them about so that they can make wise choices. And the older they get, the more this weighs on me. Recently, I had “the talk” with my oldest daughter. So, now there’s a wide range of topics that are cropping up because of this new subject. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing; it’s just one more way that she is growing up and becoming a young woman. Our conversations have become way more deep and laced with way more questions than they’ve ever been. I’m constantly praying that I have the right words to say in these precious times and that I can protect her sweet spirit while teaching her about purity and God’s design for her body.
With three girls in the house, something that is always interesting is their emotional clashes. At any given point, our house can quickly go from a house full of laughter to one or more girls crying or screaming. It’s those times that I just have to shake my head, give hugs, and prepare for the days when I’ll have 3 teenage girls in the house at one time. (Pray for me.) 
I grew up in a house with 2 brothers, and I am in the middle. I longed for a sister my entire life. So, I try to teach the girls to appreciate and enjoy their sisters. To treat them well because hopefully when they grow up they will be the best of friends. Sisters are supposed to be there to tell secrets to, comfort each other in sad times and laugh with each other in happy times. I see that developing already in the girls, and it brings so much joy to my heart. I love the times when I catch them snuggled up on the couch together enjoying a movie. Or when my oldest takes the time out of whatever she’s doing to read a book to my youngest. I encourage them often to help each other and to spend time doing things together. Of course, this is not easy. There are many many times when this results in screaming, arguing, crying, etc. But we have to work through it and learn how to love each other, speak with kindness to each other, and compromise.
I love having three girls, but it is not for wimps. There are days I crawl (literally) into bed, waiting for sleep to come and enjoy the blessed silence of three girls asleep for at least a few hours. Having three girls definitely has its challenges, but it certainly has its benefits.  It takes constant prayer and reminding yourself that you cannot do anything without God’s help. I love that my girls know Jesus. That they all enjoy learning more about Him through His word. Some of my favorite times are when we are in the car traveling somewhere and hearing them all singing a praise song together without realizing they are doing it. Or when they seek out children on the playground at the park who look lonely or who have a disability and can’t play with all of the other children, and play with those children so that they make other children happy. Those are the moments when I feel like I’m doing ok. Those are the moments when I am so proud of them and look forward to seeing what else God has planned for their lives. 

By Lisa Powell/@mamaof3gs 

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