Monday, May 12, 2014

You're the Best Ever

My older two daughters, Kaylee and Megan, often respond with the phrase, “You’re the best mom ever!” when they receive a gift from me or when I do something extra special for them. My youngest daughter, Kendall, has picked up the phrase now as well. She uses it much more freely.
I help her blow her nose – you’re the best mom ever.
I cut her sandwich in half – you’re the best mom ever.
I cannot lie, I love hearing it! I always respond with “You’re the best Kendall ever.”
However, I don’t do the things for my girls because I am expecting them to say thank you. Like all the moms here today, I give because I love my children.
I believe our Heavenly Parent feels the same way. God blesses us in big and special ways like new jobs, a healthy baby, and a supportive family. God blesses us in small, everyday ways as well. All these blessings are given because He loves us. But, just like I enjoy hearing my girls’ expressions of gratitude, I am sure God would enjoy hearing the same from us.
God gave us a beautiful earth to live on – you’re the best God ever. I am going to use resources wisely.
God blessed us with a wonderful church home to worship in – you’re the best God ever. I am going to support my congregation financially to help maintain the church.
God blessed us with wonderful friends and family – you’re the best God ever. I am going to share the Good News and pray for them.
And you know what? Just like my response to my girls, God believes YOU are the best ever too.
LeAnn Kitchen/@kitchentreasure

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