Friday, April 4, 2014

Worst Picture Ever, or the Best?

Using a Digital Camera for the First Time

I know what you are thinking, and the answer is, "No . . . I am not a model."  I am full of joy, though, in the above picture, and to me, this is what matters the most.

This picture was taken over ten years ago by my hub.  We had just bought our first digital camera and laughed until we cried those first few days weeks months of use.  Gratefully, yes gratefully, this pic did not find its way into the "trash bin."  Instead, it has found a safe home in a file on the computer labelled "worst pic evah."  The angle of the photo allows for a full viewing of my double chin, silver childhood fillings, and my "five-pound tongue in a four-pound mouth" as my sleep apnea doctor has explained.  Whenever I stumble upon this picture, I cannot help but laugh.  Then, I usually call the hub over to look as well as my girls so that they can laugh, too.

I can remember being told once in order to take a good picture, one should look at the camera straight on, lean his/her face forward in order to eliminate any double chin, and look up so as to make the eyes appear as large as possible.  I have tried and failed miserably at these suggestions.  Usually, I still discover an aspect of the picture which I find less than flattering . . . a pimple, oily skin, chubby cheeks, and the list continues.  Then, the picture in question usually winds up in the "trash bin."   

While on vacation, I noticed a woman taking a picture of what looked to be her son and husband.  I offered to take the picture for her so that she could be in the photo also.  She replied, "Oh no!  I don't do pictures."  I giggled, replied, "I hear ya!" and kept walking.  

I decided to explore this topic further, so I e-mailed fifty-three women and asked each woman to contribute her worst picture ever.  Seven women responded, five of which sent pictures.  The odds here are definitely not in my favor (Hunger Games) for feedback, but to me, exemplifies the reality of how hard women are on themselves.  

Why?  Why not embrace the joy found in the pictures and the memories the pictures capture?  Instead of viewing the photos with a critical eye, why not a grateful eye?

Song of Solomon 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my love;  there is no flaw in you.

Thus, I am grateful for these women blessings who agreed to participate, no questions asked, and admire each of these beauties, both inside and out.  The captions and explanations are their own.

Thanks to my lovely Paige!  :)

Summer of 2013 - Well? There is THE worst picture EVER EVER taken of me by a friend.  If that wasn't bad enough, the twist of the knife stuck into my heart when she uploaded it and TAGGED me on Facebook.  I literally cried for weeks!!! Weeks I tell ya!!! I'm not exaggerating!

First, I'm overweight (no secret there), but this picture is just downright unflattering and not a true representation of what I look like. Right? Wait? Was it? IS IT?? Do I have an unrealistic view of myself?  Hmm?  Is that why I'm fat, because I don't really see it? 

Second, as my friend WHY on earth would she post this of me?  Does she secretly hate me? What did I do to make her mad?

Some major soul searching took place after this photo reared its ugly head, and I'm happy to report that we are still friends.  I'll be honest;  we actually haven't talked much since the summer because we are both busy with work, kids, and life in general, BUT I realized something.  I truly believe she doesn't see me like I see me.  Do I think she should have still known better than to post and tag me...YES! But do I fault her for wanting to share a weekend full of fun camping pictures and one just so happened to be a picture of me loving on my son while enjoying a boat ride...NO! 

She captured an ugly, beautiful, and genuine moment and ultimately I learned from it.  Hmm? Maybe I should send her a thank you note?

Nightgown Seduction Gone All Wrong
Pre-coffee Me

My Most Flattering Side

By Courtney Winkler
P.S.  If you would like to include your "worst pic evah," it is not too late.  E-mail

G. and I making it fun.
Crazy Hair

Behind the piercings, tattoos, and hair is just an ordinary girl.

I wondered what I looked like when I made this face at my husband.
Child steals iphone.

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  1. To the Summer of 13 picture woman, I have to say I didn't even notice the weight until I read what she wrote. You are a beautiful lady!