Saturday, April 12, 2014

Time for Some Spring Cleaning!

I’ve never been much of a spring cleaner! My house is usually “good enough” that I don’t take the time to do thorough spring cleaning, especially with a hubby and three little kids in the house! However, this year I came across a website called and they had a fabulous spring cleaning checklist. It went room by room with an extensive checklist of things to do in each room to get cleaned out and organized. So, I printed it off, and hesitantly dove in. 
The checklists for all of the rooms consisted of things like “wash windows, dust all trim, wash floors, sort through xyz and get rid of things you don’t use any more," etc. It was a very labor intensive process, but so rewarding as I finished each room. It took me almost a week to do the downstairs, mostly because I homeschool and have other responsibilities, so I could only do a little a day. 
As I was working one day cleaning the playroom, it occurred to me that perhaps it was time to do a spiritual spring cleaning. Maybe it was time for me to evaluate my priorities and get rid of things that are taking me away from things that are important to me. So, I have refocused. I have started making my time with God more of a priority. Every night, I have started putting headphones on and listening to praise and worship music while I read my bible and my devotion books. Shutting out the outside world and focusing on God and my relationship with Him. It has been amazing! I’ve focused more on my relationships with my family and friends and the things that really matter; the things that build me up and encourage me. I feel refreshed and renewed just in the few weeks I’ve been doing this. I think this is something I will do every spring from now on. When it’s time to clean out the closets, it’s time to clean out my life!
Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; And renew a right spirit within me.

By Lisa Powell 

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