Friday, October 18, 2013

Join Chicks with Sticks!

When I first came to Troy UMC, I expected to serve in some capacity. Based on my “Spiritual Gifts Assessment” and experience at a previous church, I was certain that I would serve in a capacity of caring and servanthood. But to tell you the truth, I was pretty burnt out and was not anxious to jump back in and do “what I always do.”

In the meantime I met another new member crocheting after a TGIW meal. I knit but wanted to learn how to crochet. She offered to teach me. That is how Chicks with Sticks started three years ago. We now have not just a knitting/crocheting group, but truly a ministry that serves at several levels. We teach and share with each other and/or anyone who would like to join us. Simple fellowship has grown into a special bond of caring and supporting each other. The items that we create are blessed each week and then donated to charities both near (here in Troy, Belleville, Granite City) and far (North Dakota, Japan, Columbia South America.)

It is true that for everything that is given, blessings are received tenfold. I have found my place, my passion in serving. I know for certain that this has been an endeavor led by the Holy Spirit.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite others to join us to learn, visit, and share. You may want to come every week or maybe just occasionally. Perhaps our scheduled time doesn’t work for you, but you would like to donate items that you work on at home. All are welcome. We meet every Wednesday evening at the church from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Call me if you would like more information, or just show up! My phone no. is 345-6608.  My e-mail is

And by the way, I never really learned how to crochet, but my knitting has really improved.

Serve Joyfully!

Cindy Whitcomb

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  1. Chicks with Sticks also comes to Glen Carbon as I received the most beautiful pink prayer shawl which comforted me in my time of need.