Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Cheated with Rolls Slathered in Honey Butter on Day 19

So, my daughters have treasure map behavior charts in an effort to promote positive reinforcement.  Upon completion of a chart, the daughter in question is allowed to select an activity of her choosing.  In this instance, my youngest chose a restaurant, "The place where they weigh you to see how much you pay."  Thus, the buffet at Ponderosa* was calling her name, which, in turn, ultimately shouted my name, too.

In the beginning, I did fairly well with my selections:  a fried chicken breast minus the skin, brocollini, ice water with lemon . . ..  Then, the waitress asked if we would like any Texas toast or rolls to accompany our meal.  A huge fan of both, I requested the rolls because I knew this was what my family preferred.  My hub had already acquired multiple small tubs of honey butter from the salad bar in anticipation.

The rolls, which look like mere hamburger buns bathed in butter, were set in front of us on the table.  With dilated pupils, I dived in thinking, "What harm could come from just one?"  Well, one led to two, which then led to the trifecta of rolls being consumed.  Had I mentioned breads doused in any kind of butter are one of my weaknesses next to sweets?

Anywho, lethargy soon set in after returning home, so my CPAP and I were settled in earlier than usual at 9 p.m.  Usually an all-night sleeper, to my surprise, I woke due to thirst.  When I walked to the kitchen, I saw the clock read 3 a.m.  Ugh!  I felt wide awake, and I soon heard, my gastointestinal system was at full attention, too.  When woman blessing Christin, the instigator of this cleanse, said, "It's truly amazing how our body is a machine," she wasn't kidding.  By the way, she cheated, too, early on with eight whole dark chocolate covered raisins (really?!?!).  My machine, much to my hub's disappointment, was retaliating to the honey butter rolls with a cacophony of sounds, if you catch my drift.  

With only two days left on this twenty-one day cleanse, I have learned a great deal about myself and my lack of willpower.  Eating healthfully does affect this machine of a body for the better, and I excel at this feat when I simply avoid temptation all together.  I attribute my career high bowling score of a 157 (oh yeah, Baby), my sounder sleep, and my overall amiable spirits to a more toxin-free body.  Lent this year will be a breeze now that I have attempted a trial run.

By Courtney Winkler

*On Tuesdays, children are charged the price of their weight in pennies for the buffet.  The girls look forward to stepping on the scale near the register.

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