Sunday, October 28, 2012

Connect: Woman Blessing

Beware:  I'm deep, so just kind of roll with it. . . .  Last Sunday, Tami, a woman blessing, posted to RUBY, Thoughts from Tami, about her experience being at church, specifically the 9:00 service which I attend.  I couldn't keep the smile off of my face as I read her post because it brought such wonderful memories to my own mind.  Having been AWOL from church for the last month due to an incredibly persistent bug wreaking havoc on my family's digestive system, I was overjoyed to relive the 9:00 service through Tami's writing.  So, here is where I dive deep . . .
This morning, a new bug has now decided to take shelter in my daughters' respiratory systems.  The humanity!  Yet, I really yearned to be in worship today, but didn't want to risk spreading the illness love with other kiddos.  The hub without hesitation said, "Go!  We'll be fine," so I went, and I am so thankful I did.
Searching for a spot to sit as I entered the Family Life Center, I could see the back of a woman's head with a few empty seats between her and a man.  Score!  A potential spot had been located.  When I approached the woman to ask if she was saving seats and might I sit next to her, I saw the woman in question was none other than the woman blessing who had inspired me to attend service despite my ailing family members.  Kismet, Baby!  I was thrilled to sit next her, squeeze on her, and let her know how much her blog post had effected me.

"Cheek to cheek" we sat and prayed and stood and sang.  The joy emanating from her being was contagious, and I think I allowed the volume of my off-key voice to increase (apologies to the woman blessing and man seated next to me).  A prayer of thanksgiving for not only this woman blessing connection, but for all women blessing connections.

Courtney Winkler

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