Thursday, January 26, 2012

Connect with Sarah "Miss Sarah" Bohnenstiehl

RUBY: How long have you attended Troy United Methodist Church? 
Sarah:  a little over a year

RUBY: What drew you to this church?  
Sarah:  We first attended the preschool, and then we tried the VBS in 2010, and the children loved it.   The people were so friendly and the church was very kid and family- oriented.  We wanted a church home that  felt like an extended family, and we found that at Troy.

RUBY: Which service do you typically attend? 
Sarah:  9:00

RUBY: Share a favorite Bible verse and/or inspirational song, and why this is a favorite.   
Sarah:  The song "Sweet Mercies," which is a kids praise song we sing at school.  It is one of my favorites because I used to catch my daughter singing it when she thought no one was looking. 

RUBY: Tell us about your involvement at Troy UMC and in the community.  
Sarah:  Teacher's Aid in the 2-year-old class with Mrs. Mary at 1st Step Learning Center, and I co-lead a Daisy troop.

RUBY: I know you are an avid reader. Name a favorite book, and why it is your favorite.  
Sarah:  As far as fiction...I am a huge zombie fan.  For non- fiction, I would have to say The Lady and the Panda.  It was shocking to read how animals were treated in the early days of zoos.  Also it was a grim reminder that the best intentions of people are not always in the best interest of animals.

RUBY: What would you try if you had no fear?  
Sarah:  cliff diving
RUBY: Tell us about your family.  
Sarah:  I met my husband Kris in 1997, and we got married in 1999.   We had Ava in 2005 and Jacob in 2008.  We have a lot of pets.  We  have a weekly family game night, and in nice weather, we spend most  of our time outside.

RUBY: How may we contact you in order to make a further connection?  
Sarah:  e-mail me at


  1. I love you, your family, and your book recommendations!