Thursday, January 2, 2014

An Investment in Myself

One of the ways I started this new year off was with buying myself a gift!!!

Boldly listed at the top of my 2014 to-do list was to read and write more.  On a trip yesterday to Michael's for some yarn and a new journal, I received one of those "nudges" and just a few moments later I found myself meandering the religious section of Books-a-Million.

What I wanted was a Bible.  I admit; I didn't have one.  My husband has a pocket version that he was given in boot camp.  I knew we had one buried somewhere in a pile of books in my oldest son's room, but I wasn't sure I could even find it.  What I really wanted was a Bible of my very own.  One with meaning.  One that someday has my very own story inside its thin pages.  A tangible version that I could hold, smell, highlight, write in, earmark, whatever my heart desired.  I selfishly wanted it to be ALL MINE.  No sharing!  So, with a house full of boys, I knew it also had to be PINK!!! The options were plenty, but WOW some Bibles sure are expensive!!!  I originally wanted one of the Read the Bible in 365 Day versions, but on my way to the store I heard on Joy FM that they had a checklist available online.  I'm also a realist and didn't want to set myself up for feeling like a failure if I was reading the date of May 2nd on July 16th.  So, I eventually chose the less expensive, just as beautiful, pink and brown leather-like NLT version.  It is now all mine!  

Inside the front cover I filled in the blanks: 
There are so many reasons that I wanted this Bible, but the one reason that sticks out beyond all the others is THE INVESTMENT IN MYSELF.  I'm worth it.  I deserve it.  ❤️
Jessica Dudley

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