Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daily Wisdom

Once I was sitting upon the shore of a lake. As I sat there I noticed
Some fish who came up to the surface and opened their mouths. At first I
Thought they were hungry and that they were looking for insects, but a
Fisherman told me afterwards that although they can breathe quite well
Under water they have to come up to the surface every now and again to
Inhale deep draughts of fresh air, or they would die. It is the same
With us. The world is like an ocean; we can live in it, carry on our
Work and all our varied occupations, but from time to time we need to
Receive fresh life through prayer. Those Christians who do not set apart
Quiet times for prayer have not yet found their true life in Christ.

~Sadhu Sundar Singh~

Submitted by Carol Pigg

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