Monday, February 18, 2013

A Letter of Thanks . . .

I came home to this thank you from our MASH hospitals in Afghanistan.  Talk about amazing—them thanking us.  This is why we sew pillowcases for the troops; learn how to bake pumpkin bread in canning jars; and search the best deals for oatmeal and hand games to keep those recuperating in a better frame of mind.

We got a thank you from Special Hugs!  The pumpkin bread he refers to was baked in small wide mouth mason jars.

Mrs. Pigg,

Ma’am, thank you so much for the thoughtful package that you sent.  I received your care package today and shared the thoughtful contents with our enlisted Sailors!  They were very pleased with the assortment of teas and oatmeal as they are trying to watch their weight.  The jeopardy game is a huge hit!  The Marines and Sailors are having a grand time trying to out think each other!   I think there was a slight scuffle after personnel found out about the pumpkin bread! 

It is AWESOME that your son is serving with the finest fighting force the world has ever known!  I bet you are very proud of him and his contributions in keeping our families and loved ones back at home safe and sound!  I can honestly tell you that I am very grateful for the young men and women who decide to serve our country in times like these.  It shows us how much conviction he has regarding doing the right thing as a nation under God!  

A little bit about us; We are a crew of Navy personnel attached to a Marine Corps unit.  We are comprised of Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Healthcare Administrators, Marines and the backbone of navy medicine, the Hospital Corpsman.  I am very pleased and proud to say that they are performing magnificently here in the combat theater.  Our role and responsibilities are to provide emergency medical and resuscitative surgery to our wounded brothers and sisters here in Afghanistan. 

Ma’am, the assortment of contents that you have provided through the goodness of your heart is very much appreciated!  I can truly tell you how much it means to the men and women when care packages arrive for them coming from thoughtful and caring moms like you back in the states.  It lets us know how much you appreciate our sacrifices away from our family and loved ones back at home.  I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to think about us while we are serving our country away from home.   I wish your son the very best during his deployment.  I just want to say thank you again to you truly patriotic moms out there that continue to love and support all of us military members during our deployments.  Take care and God bless!!



Platoon Commander
Surgical Platoon

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