Thursday, January 31, 2013

Connect with LeAnn Kitchen

RUBY: Share a favorite Bible verse and/or inspirational song, and why this is a favorite.
LeAnn: The song that is speaking to me right now is “Invade” by Watermark. It inspires me to keep my heart AND home open to the Holy Spirit. As a mother, I find it important to make sure my children know Jesus is a part of our life. The chorus from the song goes like this:

Jesus, come and walk the halls of this house
Tread this place and turn it inside out
With your mercy…
Jesus, teach us the prayers that open these doors
Until Your light floods in and illuminates these floors
And let Your truth be on our steps and in these rooms
Jesus invade…

RUBY: I cannot thank you enough for agreeing to help me coach Upward cheerleading; no twisting of your arm necessary. Tell us more about your connection to Troy UMC and/or the community.
LeAnn: We were first introduced to the TUMC church family in 2009 when my oldest started preschool at the 1st Step Learning Center. My middle daughter currently attends, and my youngest will start in the fall. Even though we do not attend TUMC, we have felt welcomed and loved by its members. My older two girls have attended Vacation Bible School there and currently participate in the Upward cheer program. I am enjoying the opportunity to help coach one of the cheer squads!

Our family loves the Troy, IL, community and we have found it so easy to get involved. This year, I took over the responsibility of leading my oldest daughter’s Daisy Scout troop. I also love participating in the Community Helpings Coop program and sharing recipes on its Facebook page. And, when I can manage, I enjoy getting up to the elementary school to help with class parties and PTO events.

RUBY: Tell us about your family.
LeAnn: My husband, Kris, and I met while attending engineering school in Rolla, Missouri. After a few moves, we finally settled in Troy. Our oldest daughter, Kaylee, is in first grade at Henning Elementary. Megan, our second daughter, is in one of the “fours” classes at 1st Step Learning Center. Our youngest daughter, Kendall, just turned two this past November. Kris and I are getting pretty used to the comment “Oh, wow, THREE girls?!?!” Kris is blessed with a wonderful job for a copper extrusion company south of Belleville, providing me with the opportunity to stay at home. Going from Mechanical Engineer to stay-at-home mother was a drastic change, but one I have never regretted making!

RUBY: What kind of business would you love to start if the sky were the limit?
LeAnn: I would love to be a private lactation consultant. Breastfeeding my girls was an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. If it wasn’t for the support of a few wonderful ladies and a great lactation consultant, I do not know if I would have made it through some of the challenges of nursing a baby. I would love to be able to help new mothers succeed with nursing.

RUBY: What did you eat for lunch?
LeAnn: Salad

RUBY: What was your favorite childhood game, and why?
LeAnn: The kids in my neighborhood growing up would often play tag after it got dark. It was a lot of fun!

RUBY: What is your greatest fear?
LeAnn: Outside of the fear of something happening to my family, my greatest fear is losing my memory.

RUBY: Which moment from your life would you choose to relive if you could?
LeAnn: This is a tough one! There are the obvious moments like Kris proposing, my dad walking me down the aisle, or holding each of my girls for the first time. However, while recently reading some scripture, I was inspired to reflect back on my own baptism. I really have no memory of that day (I was eight years old), and my parents seem to have misplaced any pictures or home videos. I would love to relive the experience just to be able to remember how I felt that day.

RUBY: How may we contact you in order to make a further connection?
LeAnn: You can follow me on my blog Kitchen’s Treasures: The blog has links to Twitter and Facebook as well.

RUBY: Tell us about your blog, Kitchen's Treasures.
LeAnn: My blog is based on the scripture Luke 12:34 – For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

This scripture passage comes at the very end of a section of Luke that the NIV titles "Do Not Worry.” I know for me, it is easier said than done. I have heard it is a mother's job to worry. And, while it is true that mothers have taken on one of the most important jobs, we need to realize we are not alone. Through God and fellowship with other mothers, we can reduce our worry.

I hope that by sharing my thoughts on motherhood, marriage, and my life, I can help lessen the amount of time myself and my readers spend worrying and increase the amount of time we spend "treasuring.

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