Monday, April 9, 2012

The Cross at Effingham, Illinois

In case one may need a symbolic visual of Jesus' perfect sacrifice (as well as some uncontrollable chills), stop and gaze at The Cross in Effingham, Illinois.  My family and I, on our way to visit relatives this past Easter weekend, were determined to view the 198-foot steel cross up close and personal instead of simply a quick glance while driving along Interstate 70.  My two young daughters were mesmerized, and at initial viewing of The Cross, morphed into what seemed to resemble a sugar high.
Walking towards the base of the cross, one may read through the numerous memorial stones lining the path.  Of course, my 4 and 5-year-old opted to sprint this length of the cement.  Once at the base, beautiful, black granite stones each engraved with a commandment circle the perimeter.  A button may be pushed which offers oral explanation of each of the Ten Commandments.

Inside the adjacent Visitor's Center, guests may view an 8-minute video highlighting the enormity of this construction project.  In addition, maps of the United States and the world hang side by side allowing visitors to place a pin in his/her home state and/or country.  

When we exited the movie theater, we were able to admire a beautiful, bride-to-be in the lobby as weddings are one type of the many events offered at The Cross.

Courtney Winkler

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