Friday, December 9, 2011

Nativity-Centered Family Fun and Learning for All Ages

Looking for a FREE activity in which people of all ages can enjoy and participate? Then, save the date for the weekend after Thanksgiving. This past Thanksgiving weekend 2011 marked the fifth year of the annual Scenes of the Nativity event hosted by St. Joseph's in Cottleville, Missouri.  More than 250 Nativity scenes of various sizes and origins were on display in St. Joseph's school cafeteria.  This included designs spanning the traditional to the unique with use of materials from around the world.   
Carved from the Ash at Mount St. Helens
Nativity Created out of the Actual Story of the Birth of Jesus

While viewing the Nativity scenes, an accompanying scavenger hunt list was distributed at the entrance encouraging cooperative learning among visitors and strangers.  Following a group of high school students, our group- a couple, two children, an uncle, and a grandma- assisted them in finding the turtle in the Precious Moments Nativity while they gave hints as to the location of the Nativity scene constructed of corn husks.
After walking through the numerous rows of tables displaying the Nativities, a photo opportunity presented itself at the conclusion where visitors themselves became a part of the Nativity, thus experiencing the story of the birth of Jesus.
In addition, there was a craft area where children could create their own Nativity scene, listen to stories, play games, and have yet another photo opportunity. 

Submitted by Courtney Winkler

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