Monday, December 5, 2011

A Confident Heart- Online Book Club Invitation

What’s the best gift you could give yourself this year? How about confidence? What about a faith in God that removes doubt and fears? Ladies, this is exactly what I am receiving via Renee Swope’s book, A Confident Heart. Now, if you haven’t heard about this book, listen up. If you have, listen up anyway, I have some exciting news! In January, Renee is doing an online Bible study and you can be part of it for FREE! You don’t have to dress up or leave that cozy spot at home. Get a copy of the book, grab your Bible, fix a nice warm drink and fire up that computer.

I am only through Chapter 3 right now, but let me tell you, I am inspired. In chapter 2 we meet Sam, a woman who lives as an outcast in a corrupted society. She doubts herself and her role on Earth. Alone and misunderstood, she goes about her daily routine trying to avoid conflict and judgment until she meets Him. One who waits there for her, knowingly, lovingly, patiently. He offers her something honest, deep and pure. Something Sam didn’t even know she was missing. My friends her name could have been Bethany Ann…well, let’s just say we understood each other.

Come read with me; let’s join Renee as she as she leads us beyond salvation to satisfaction in Jesus. Renee Swope

Reviewed by Beth Miramonti. Please contact Beth at if interested.

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  1. I read A Confident Heart this past fall. It challenged me to rethink my core beliefs and brought my prayer life to a whole new level. I am looking forward to the opportunity to participate in a study with the author, herself. I highly recommend A Confident Heart to other women looking for something to make a difference in their lives.