Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year Lovelies!

Yep, I'm kind of late to the party, my momma always said, "Better Late than Never;" I am trying to embrace this.  The late I am talking about is not being late to places, events, appointments, but the concepts, the processes!  I have always processed differently than others (please don't judge), but I am embracing this in my fifties. Take for example New Year's it is middle of January, and now I am thinking about it, processing the goals, putting them on paper, oh I have an obsession with paper, pens, I digress.....

What I have decided is to try a monthly goal process.  I really love reading about others' goals; it inspires me, sometimes inspires me so much, I can even check it off my list...haha!

What are your goals for the year or for the month or even the week?   Do you even like goals?  It would be great to have some comments on my post and on the other posts; it's encouraging...don't you think?

So here we go with my monthly goals...
****Make something chocolate for my husband; this is a no-brainer, I know his love language
****Stay to my weekly meal planner, not eating out so much
****Start a new Bible Study; join us on Wednesday nights @ 6:30 at TUMC for the new study, "Stronger," by Angela Thomas
****Ask for the Holy Spirit to fill me, guide me, and grant me a willing spirit...oh this is powerful, thank you Jesus for sending us the Holy Spirit 
****Support my friend Courtney at her exercise party; I did this earlier in January. I still can't do yoga, can someone please tell he why I get so dizzy?  I am not balanced (again, no judge)
****Smile out loud, oh this feels so good....Amen
****Thanks Therapy is God's prescription to Joy, writing out 1,000 gifts, at least one a day (having a pretty journal is a must)
****Encourage at least five ladies a month!
Oh, I would love to meet my Christmas secret sister, Jessica; can we make this happen?

So lovelies, what are your goals?

By Julie Ford

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  1. Julie, we should ABSOLUTELY make that happen!!!!

    My goals are always changing, but one that has remained the same for several years has been to find BALANCE. ♥