Thursday, September 5, 2013


Praise the Lord!  I truly learn from some amazing women blessings.  Sue Busler, in an e-mail, wrote "PTL."  The context of her e-mail did not call for Parent Teacher League (with which I grew up with before it was changed to Parent Teacher Organization, which still baffles me).  Since my 13-year-old neighbor was at school, I was techless.  So, I Googled. . .

Come to find out, PTL represents Praise the Lord!  Reaching further back into my background knowledge, I now realized at 42 that "The PTL Club" stood for "The Praise the Lord Club."  It's all coming together now . . .  Nothing slides past me.  Heehee!  This television program was on periodically in my youth.  I remembered the main woman crying a lot, and I do recall them saying "Praise the Lord" quite often, but I never made the connection.

So, with this being said, throw around a little, or rather a lot "PTL" today.  Use this hashtag in your Tweets.  With wild abandon, place it in your update status on Facebook.  Use it as a signature in your e-mails today and every day . . .  PTL!  

Courtney Winkler

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