Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sew Much Love: Pillowcases

Many of you may know that I volunteer with a group who supports monthly adoptions of deployed US Military Troops all over the world, and MASH units in Afghanistan.  We have some wonderful women who sew through the Troy United Methodist Group called “Sew Much Love.”  Also, for those of you who remember Pastor Joy Cachetta, she has three small churches, and women from there also sew.  What they have all created, as well as all the people who sew across the country, is amazing.  Each stitch is a prayer for a good night’s sleep and a safe return of all our troops.  Pillowcases have gone to ships, to the “Sandbox” (aka Afghanistan), to Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard groups.  Sometimes an individual in need will contact our group, Molly’s Adopt a Sailor, as we will rush a love box and a pillowcase out to them.

Our pillowcases take only one yard, if you leave out the extra strip of fabric that you will see in the video.  Sergers are the fastest, but for years, I have used a regular sewing machine.   We also have people who have tie died white ones, too.

As you go to sleep tonight, add a prayer for our troops.  If you would like to sew, a link to instructions is included. 

By Carol Pigg/@carols_kitchen

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