Sunday, November 27, 2011

Connect with Cindy Whitcomb

1.  How long have you attended Troy UMC?
I have been connected with TUMC since working as secretary in 1990.  I’ve also quilted with the TUMC Quilters for ten years.  My family and I officially joined the church on 10-10-10.

2.  What drew you to this church?

Pastor Dennis, the uplifting worship services, the welcoming congregation, and the variety of opportunities to participate in ministry.

3.  Which service do you typically attend?

10:30 a.m.

4.  Share a favorite Bible verse, and why this is a favorite.

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10.  Life can get very hectic as we run around going here, going there, doing this, doing that. Sometimes I feel like a child who needs to be told, “Just STOP! Be still!” and “Know that I am God.” He is the One in control, He is the FIRST priority, and everything else falls into place after that.

5.  What are you passionate about?

My passion is creating things as gifts and for other people’s enjoyment. The Ladies’ retreat this fall was a perfect outlet for that passion. I had a wonderful time sewing tote bags, planning decorations, and baking cookies. I also enjoy quilting, basket weaving, cross stitching and knitting.

6.  Speaking of baking cookies, those cookies you baked for the Ladies' Retreat were not only delicious to eat, but also stunning to view.  Do you have the recipe?
A friend of mine saw the Fall Leaf Sugar Cookies Recipe in the Belleville Newspaper and sent it to me.

7.  Tell us about Chicks with Sticks (who, what, when, where, why).

Last fall (2010) Gail Joyner and I started the Chicks with Sticks ministry from a simple desire to knit and crochet. Gail taught me to crochet, and I shared some knitting tips with her. Several other women of the congregation expressed an interest in what we were doing. We started meeting casually on Wednesday evenings prior to the Wednesday night worship service and it grew from there. Many women from outside TUMC now attend regularly. Our motto is, “We Share Our Craft with Others.” In addition, we share our support and Christian caring with each other.
The group blesses each item when it is completed, and a prayer accompanies the donations. We pray that the (blanket, prayer shawl, Chemo hats, etc.) provide warmth and comfort, blessings and peace to each recipient. Our list of recipients includes St. Elizabeth’s Hosp., Anderson Hosp., Family Hospice of Southern IL, the Cancer Treatment Center in Swansea, Cover St. Louis, and two orphanages in China. Truly it is a ministry of caring and giving, and God’s Spirit has been present throughout the development of this group. I believe that God comes to us through the people around us. It is my personal wish that each of the recipients experience the love of God in a tangible way through this ministry.

Prayer Shawl with the blessing, "May God's grace be upon this shawl, warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing.  May this mantle be a safe haven . . a sacred place of security and well-being . . . sustaining and embracing in good times as well as difficult ones.  May the one who receives this shawl be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace, and wrapped in love.  Blessed Be!"
8.  Tell us about your family.

My husband, Bruce, works for the National Geospacial/Intelligence Agency in St. Louis, Mo.  He has completed 30 years of service and is anxious to retire soon! Our son, Marshall, is 19 and graduated from Collinsville High School. He enjoys computer gaming, is studying Japanese and is seeking employment. Finally, Truman, a 9 yr. old welsh corgi, is a valued part of our family. (He was named after Harry Truman with whom he shares the same birth date, May 8.)

9.  What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for my family, my church, and the love of my God.

10.  How may we contact you in order to make a further connection?

I can be contacted by phone at 345-6608 or by email at 

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  1. Bless you Cindy! Thanks for all you do!