Monday, November 5, 2012

Whoopie for Whoopie Pies!

Hi!  I'm Courtney, and I'm a bakaholic. . .  The problem lies in the fact that I also like to devour baked goods which can result in extreme tensions between the button on my jeans and my belly.  Since I'd rather keep the peace between the two, I try and find recipes which my squirts and hub would like, but I could pass on willingly.  So, (my apologies to pumpkin pie purists) a pumpkin spiced something or other would fulfill my need to bake, but would not consume my every craving.

Step 1:  Enlist the skills of my ever faithful sous chef and her special mixing eyeglasses.


Step 2:  Drop the batter onto the parchment lined cookie sheets.  Is that fancy, or what?

Step 3:  Take them out of the oven when baking is complete.  Smells yummy, but again, the pumpkin spice deters me from licking the bowl.

Step 4:  Make creamy frosting.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), this was lick worthy for me.

Step 5: Enjoy, or surprise someone with a nice treat.

Step 6:  Make a run to Aldi, and purchase your own Whoopie Pie Mix in order to stock up.

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